Casados y Complicados Book Signing with Santi y Laurita, in partnership with Mix 98.3 (Univision)

In a podcast style, El Flow de Miami’s dynamic duo, Santi y Laurita share a behind-the-scenes glimpse of some life experiences and personal difficulties. Plus, enjoy a Q&A and book signing.

Santi y Laurita have been married for 13 years and began to share their lives together on social networks, where they now have more than 150,000 followers. They host the Univision 23 podcast Casados y Complicados where they give their audience a behind-the-scenes glimpse of their life experiences and personal difficulties. Santi y Laurita also have their own radio program that airs every day at El Flow de Miami (Mix 98.3.) They are influencers, podcasters, soon to be published authors and hosts of El Flow de Miami.

Born in Colombia, Santi moved to the US in 2001. He is an only child and a self-described “momma’s boy” who is way needier than the rest of us when he’s sick. Just ask Laurita! He enjoys playing tennis and watching soccer - although he can’t play it without getting injured! His favorite team is Barcelona and his relationship with his “Suegro” is the star of many of his viral videos, although Santi will never admit it! In his downtime he likes shopping…. Shhhh, Santi actually buys a pair of shoes a week! Together with Laurita, they are the parents of furry baby Max, a golden retriever.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Laurita moved to the US in 2001. She is an artsy, eclectic type and is also a vegetarian who grows her own veggies. Is that even a thing in Miami? In her free time Laurita is the lead singer of a band and fights with Santi over bathroom time because as we’ve all guessed, he takes longer than her to get ready! She also enjoys the outdoors and expressing her art through the repurposing of furniture and apparel.

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