Jessica Boudreaux

Jessica Boudreaux is a Florida native who grew up between the ocean, the city, and wilderness. Her interest in design began as a young girl, visiting estate sales with her mother, who collected and sold antiques. She launched Boudreaux Design Studio in 2008 and loves working with homeowners to help them realize their dream homes. Her inspiration is drawn by the location of projects, as well as her clients. A home is a very personal space and she believes it should reflect the needs, wants, and character of its’ inhabitants.

She not only aims to make homes beautiful, but also functional. This could mean anything from creating storage where space is limited, brightening dark spaces, or designing custom transformable furniture to meet multiple needs.

Her work does not stop at the design! She sources the finishes and equipment, supervises deliveries, and manages the project schedules. She also works closely with her hand selected contractors to ensure that her designs are executed to the highest quality.

She has the highest respect for the environment and her community. Ask her about how she reduces her carbon footprint, recycles, and gives back!

Roberta Black

Roberta Black, owner of RB Design, was educated in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where she was born and raised. She has been living in the US for the past 17 years. Having worked in the design world for several years, she believes that: "Design is not for philosophy -- it's for life." Her inspiration came from being raised in such a colorful and lively city. It gave her a huge perspective and understanding of how to use colors, shapes and textures. She is also very inspired by sleek, European lines, that for her, is chic, simple and yet shows tremendous style. The mix of these elements together creates a warm, inviting, innovative, modern and unconventional ambiance that makes people never want to leave. Roberta has completed many residential and commercial projects (large and small), locally and abroad, accommodating all budgets.

Francy C. Arria

Francy C. Arria's versatile approach to interior design is inspired by traditional trends of her Hispanic heritage and the modern energy of South Florida life. She founded her firm in 2011, Max Space Design. Francy’s passion and purpose is to create functional designs, while keeping the environment, the latest trends, and home technologies in mind. With over ten years of experience, Francy has provided homeowners with full interior design services that include construction planning and management, 3-D drawings, space planning, and kitchen, bath, closet, and furniture design, just to mention a few. Her eye for exploration, color, and beauty is reflected in every finished project. Her work captures client’s distinctive taste and vision, as well as her trademark of balance and comfort. Her signature style reveals a global and innovative vision for design influenced by our changing environment and demanding needs for functionality. Her robust and varied design background has helped homeowners shape their project with imagination and vision. Francy earned her interior design degree at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, and she continues to strive for never-ending education. She contributes and supports causes that protect children, animal welfare, and the environment, while implementing sustainable design in all projects.

Zita Zimmerman

Zita Zimmerman was born in Germany and raised in Spain and England before immigrating to the USA. Zita was raised in a family of developers and architects; being exposed to the industry of design and building at the very early stages in her life, leaving a huge impact on her growth into the industry. Growing up around construction as well as her travels gave Zita the background and knowledge needed for an inspiring designer. Zita began her apprenticeship with a prestigious Interior Design Firm in Germany, and continued working at Firms in the USA where she refined her interior design expertise. Zita was involved in aspects such as project coordination & management, construction drawings, design concept & space planning, custom furniture design and much more. For Zita, each space she took an interest in was like painting a new canvas with a goal to create a space that was visually appealing, functional and pleasing to the soul. The challenge of dissecting any given space and visualizing how it would look after building and/or re-designing it became her passion. No two projects were the same and Zita enjoyed the undertaking of transforming any space into an aesthetic environment.

Miss Zimmerman realized it wasn’t enough working in design firms and executing large scale projects. It was time to start her own design business ZZ Design, creating the freedom needed to hand select her design team. “I believe that a seamless execution takes a group of likeminded individuals, individuals who see problems as challenges and believe there is a solution for everything. Having my own business I have been able to selectively curate such a group of individuals to successfully execute my vision.”

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