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Fort Lauderdale, FL Home Show Ambassador Artists:

#AtHomeWithArt – An Artist Encounter Showcase

BOOTHS 1301-1304/1236-1239

ArtServe Presents, “Color My World” | Curated by, Jorge Vasquez

“Color My World” is an exhibition featuring some of South Florida’s most prestigious artists showcasing works that can bring color, life, personality and pleasure to any home. From Kevin Doyle’s fanciful sculptures fashioned out of recycled car mufflers to Ernesto Kunde’s stunning pop-infused interpretations of Florida’s tropical surroundings, this collection of original art works give Home Show visitors a unique window into the range of styles, mediums, techniques, and sheer talent that comprise the vibrant South Florida scene. Guests will have an opportunity to meet many of the artists in person, learn more about their inspirations and gain insight into how their work reflects a uniquely Florida perspective.

Lee Berlin

Artist Home Show

Lee Berlin was first introduced to photography by his grandmother’s brother. As a young boy, Lee would go to Mr. Rosenfeld’s house and be mesmerized by the images before him. After high school, Lee attended The School of Visual Arts in New York City, where he studied under many renowned art professionals including Peter Max, Byrne Hogarth, and Gilbert Stone. While working on an album cover for the musical group ”The Band”, Gilbert Stone invited Lee to his home and gave him insight into how to manipulate images and create compelling works of art. Lee created Berlin Mixed Media as a showcase to feature his recent work that combines original art with photography and other creative explorations into media applications.

Artist Website - Twitter: @berlingroup

Dan Bondroff

Artist Home Show

In his paintings, Dan Bondroff tries to tell the story of what he has seen. Rather than just painting a nice scene, he creates an image that allows people to share his experience. He creates this experience by using strong directional strokes and controlling the temperature of the colors used. Most of his recent work has explored the theme of escape. While many people view escape as a departure from their physical environment, his vision of escape involves taking real life and using imagination as the vehicle for the journey. His paintings are all scenes of real places; everyday scenes rather than well-known landmarks. He enjoys exploring our overlooked environment. The things we take for granted are sometimes the most beautiful if we take a moment to notice them.

Artist Website - Facebook: danbondroffpastel - @danbondroffpastels

Kevin Doyle

Artist Home Show

Kevin Doyle’s Muffler Art is the process of creating art work from discarded automotive parts. It may once have been named folk or occupational art, but now Kevin’s work is considered to be “Outsider Art” which is art for art’s sake. His muffler pieces have been highly publicized and featured in a couple of movies filmed in South Florida, one commercial, and more than a dozen local television station stories as well. Kevin has been making muffler art since 1972 and has created over 1,000 pieces. He likes to recycle used auto parts and his largest piece is a 26 foot long caterpillar and a 7 foot work titled, “Fred the Mufflerman.”

Artist Website

Ernesto Kunde

Artist Home Show

For Ernesto Kunde, transforming the mangroves, wild birds, and crackled Deco architecture into a physically viable format is a simple process. He displays a keen eye for interpreting his tropical surroundings maintaining a colloquial tone: the vital elements of Miami as a natural and urban biosphere are omnipresent for Kunde, appearing on cuts of canvas, found wood and corrugated aluminum. Ernesto was born in Paraíso do Sul, Brazil in 1973. After a brief stint re-discovering his family roots in Germany (where he worked in agriculture in Mosbach), Ernesto returned to Brazil in 1995 where he first began his artistic journey by experimenting with works on paper: drawings and controlled coffee stains. Since then, Ernesto has narrowed his aesthetic focus into painting on a diverse range of surfaces (most prominently found wood and canvas). Kunde has shown extensively throughout South Florida, and has shown for several years during Art Basel at SCOPE Miami and Spectrum and at the 2014 and 2015 Wynwood Art Fairs.

Artist Website - Facebook: ernesto.kunde - Instagram: @kundeart - Twitter: @ernestokunde

Ed King

Artist Home Show

Since 2003, award winning neo-pop artist Ed King has been living his dream of creating fun and inspiring artwork for clients all over the world. His use of vibrant colors, black outlines, and his signature stitching has won over the hearts of people everywhere. Ed is a force in the South Florida art scene winning “Best in Show” at the Carnaval on the Mile Art Festival in 2016. He was previously highlighted as one of the top creative minds in South Florida by SoFi Magazine and, in 2014, was named as one of the top six pop artists in Miami. As an active member of the community, KingEd frequently teaches and creates art and music with children and at-risk teens at the Motivational Edge, a unique non-profit organization which utilizes the arts as a motivational platform to inspire youth toward academic achievement, increased self-confidence and to build successful life skills.

Artist Website - Facebook: EdKingPopArt - Instagram: @bahapta

Trudy Kubler

Artist Home Show

Trudy Kubler is an important art figure in the South Florida area with a career that spans thirty-five years. Trudy was born in Schweinfurt, Germany in 1935. In 1978, she came to the United States. It was in Darien, Connecticut in 1979, when her enthusiasm for putting color on a canvas started. In 1983, she moved to the beautiful city of Savannah, GA. She was impressed with and inspired by the way of life, the old oak trees full of Spanish moss, the Moon-River and the spectacular sunsets. She registered and started studying at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Today Trudy lives in Fort Lauderdale. The beauty of South Florida has motivated her to create 21st Century contemporary expressionist art. She creates art for small spaces where a focal point is needed to ground a room visually. A focal point is important; it unites the room and draws your attention.

Artist Website - Facebook: trudy.kubler

Blima Efraim

Artist Home Show

A Brazilian born fine artist, an aura of mystery exudes from Blima Efraim’s bold paintings. Healing messages are magically transplanted in each piece she creates, directly affecting observers, who are attracted by their magic. Blima believes that the healing is not necessarily physical, but emotional, and individuals who collect her art often say they feel a balanced and harmonious presence within their homes. Exhibited widely throughout the area, Blima recently won 1st place at the Visual Arts Press Awards 2016. She says, “My paintings are not planned. I play with colors and textures and allow my subconscious to guide my hands.”

Artist Website - Facebook: blima.efraim.artist - Instagram: @bliefraim - Twitter: @blima2009
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